Female Founded Spotlight: Pamela Delgado of Rawly Bold

Pamela Delgado, Latina and New Yorker, founded Rawly Bold in 2017. Her ethically made graphic apparel was created to inspire motivate and empower while donating to charities. With so much negativity in our world she was inspired to create a space that celebrates all women and encourages you to thrive regardless of the obstacles that may come your way.

"Words have a way of resonating with people, therefore any of our garments can make a huge impact in someone's life. I couldn't proceed with this mission without giving back so, I decided to donate proceeds along the way." - Pamela Delgado

Pamela's advice for anyone looking to start a small business resonated with me; mainly because it's so easy to become caught up in perfectionism paralysis. So often when starting a business, project or idea we want everything lined up perfectly; but it's really important to practice a bit of self compassion and remember:

"It’s ok to not know it all. Just start and start small." - Pamela Delgado

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